For the past 4 years the same thought looks to come up at the end of every month when I am writing checks to our therapists and every week when I go to the grocery store for my sons Gluten Free / Casein Free and Organic food. The thought is, “how can we keep this up?” I wonder how and if there will come a day when we can not pay for his bills. The costs for Collin have been awesome and have exceeded $ 100,000 over the past 4 years. When Collin was diagnosed, I never thought that we would have to spend the type of money that we have dished out. As a successful sales rep for a litigation support company, my wife and I had put together a nice little nest egg for a rainy day before he was born. We even began to put away for college, and as most parents, plan for his future. Then that rainy day came and it came fast and hard. Our little next egg was cracked and drained quickly.

Yes, medicaid has helped some. NO, insurance has not helped at all, but every month my wife and I found some way to pay his bills. We cut back on everything, had garage sales, sold stock that my grandmother had given me and even sold our house and moved into an apartment. We did everything we could to make ends meet and still help Collin. $ 100,000 in 4 years is an astronomical amount of money to pay for a child. At the end, he was not even going to walk away with a diploma or a degree, but what we have taken away from this is more than I could have ever imagined. I was able to hear my son say Dad for the first time at age 3. Let me tell you, that was the greatest word I ever hear. I remember going to my room and crying because after he was diagnosed, that was all I wanted. After that, it was words like “milk, Mommy, TV and many more. Now at 6 he is in school and he talks and he asks questions, and he drives my wife and I crazy because he memorizes his videos and repeats them 50 times a day, but he is mine and I love him so every word is precious and important. simple … Absolutely. There is not greater gift than our children and for those of us with special needs children, the gift is even greater.