Has your child been left behind? Many children today have been left behind in school with no chance to succeed. They are tagged as slow learners or considered having too many problems. Some are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or LD. Some have been placed in special education classes and are all but forgotten. Others are given many types of medication with no satisfaction.

Children start out in life eager to learn everything. When they start school, they enjoy learning and
competing with their classmates. When they realize that they are not able to keep up with their friends, they will try to compensate for their problem. When the problem becomes to much for them to master, they will give up and resort to a change in character. Then, not understanding what to do, parents will sometimes resort to punishment of some type or medicine. This will only enhance the problem.

There is a solution that is permanent, healthy, and guaranteed to work. The solution very few people know about. The solution is cognitive therapy and training.

Some people might ask. What is cognitive therapy?

Cognitive therapy is like someone who works out and runs everyday to become stronger and faster to win a race. Cognitive therapy can help your child get on the path to learn and succeed without falling behind. It will develop their mind to become faster and more efficient.

Cognitive therapy has many benefits such as:

speeding up mental processing

improving visualization

increasing short and long term memory

improving concentration and attention

improving motor skills

increasing decoding skills

developing logic and reasoning skills

A child can improve his / her grade level from two to four years in just three months with cognitive therapy. It only takes two to three hours a week.