The focus in recent years has been to detect learning problems early on in children. However, many adults also suffer from conditions such as ADD, attention deficit disorder, and ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but have never been diagnosed. Growing up a few generations ago people who were hyperactive, impulsive and easily distracted were often labeled as difficult, lazy and slackers. The idea that this person may be suffering from a learning disorder did not become popular until recently and has led many adults to question whether or not they had a form of ADD or ADHD growing up. It will not be too hard to detect since chances are if someone had a learning disorder as a child they probably still have symptoms even as adults.

Because adults today did not have the benefit of heightened awareness of learning disorders when they were children many went undiagnosed and simply learned to cope with their accessibility to focus, being easily distracted and having trouble completing simple tasks. However, as they get older the coping mechanisms become strained with added responsibility and this can have adverse effects at work and in relationships. It's never too late to get help for adult ADD and ADHD and one way to get started is to recognize some symptoms that will alert you to the presence of these learning disorders.

As with children, the symptoms of adult attention disorder disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be categorized through hyperactivity, impulsiveness, emotional difficulties and forgetfulness. While some adults may have learned how to cope with these issues it does not mean that they cured themselves and if left untreated can lead to deteriorating conditions that can have serious repercussions at work and at home.

While children have school as an environment in which to detect a learning disorders most adults will recognize their symptoms in the workplace. If you are at your job and over a consistent period of time notice you have trouble focusing, completing tasks on time, being easily distracted and have a hard time remembering details discussed in either ADD or ADHD. Everyone will have stressful days that will lead to distraction but when the problem is occurring it's time to seek help.

In addition to having difficulty focusing and being easily distracted adults who suffer from a learning disorder may also be highly disorganized, often forgetful, very irritable, easily frustrated have low self esteem and will try to accomplish way too many tasks at once. This is often due to their attempt at compensating for something they know is wrong but can not admit to. The problem is the more an adult tries to accomplish when suffering from attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder the more he or she falls behind.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to keep up at work or have strained relationships at home with no clear reason why you may be feeling the effects of an undiagnosed learning disorder. Adults with ADD and ADHD did not have the same awareness that children have today and many have ignored obvious symptoms simply because they did not know better. ADD in adults is treatable and the sooner you recognize the symptoms the better your chances for improving.