A lot of people feel embarrassed or unhappy about their height and wish they could add a few inches to their height. For this reason, the topic “how to grow taller improving your post” is one that is of paramount interest. Poor posture usually leads to stunted growth, and can as well cause back problem in some cases. By improving your posture, you will be able to increase your height and avoid severe back pain.

The spine is naturally curved in an “S” shape and that is the reason the body is flexible. The “S” shape of the spine makes it possible for the body to be able to twist from side to side as well as bend forward and backward. The spinal column is made up of vertebrae (bones in the column column). Nerves pass through the vertebrae from the brain to the lower part of the body. Also, cartilage is present between the vertebrae which makes twisting from side to side and bending forward and backward of the vertebrae possible.

Despite the fact that this cartilage is very flexible, it can suffer deterioration in due course if you adopt bad posture. Bad posture can actually cause the cartilage to wear out and thereby affecting your height.

Your posture has a great role to play in your height. You will be able to grow taller by just having the right posture. Exercising regularly, walking straight up without a bump and sitting appropriately can actually make you grow taller. Millions of people all over the world suffering from back pain are as a result of bad post. In fact, bad posture can make you lose 2 – 4 inches of your precious height.

If you are asking “how to grow taller by improving your posture”, you must adopt a regular exercise regime. Stretches are extremely effective to help improve posture and stretch out the body in full. There are several types of stretching exercises and among the effective ones are; cobra, push-ups, basic leg stretch, the bride and other yoga stretching exercises. These stretching exercises will not only improve your post, but will help you gain height over time.

Also, a proper diet composed of protein, calcium and fat can as well help to boost the spinal column cartilage. Protein is an essential nutrient and it's composed of amino acid. It's commonly referred to as “the building blocks of life” because it particularly aids the overall growth of the body. Calcium on the other hand is even more important as it helps the bones to grow. Fats are of two types; saturated and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is harmful to the body and you must do all you can to avoid them. However, saturated fat can increase height if available in small quantity in your diet. Proper diet as well as stretching exercises causes the column column's cartilage to thicken and turn out to be stronger in due course, and thenby resulting in height increase.