Society has the responsibility of improving the quality of life of disabled persons. You can judge a society by the way it handles and cares for its disabled population. Disabled people are not burdens of their families nor of the society that they belong to, in fact many of them are able to pursue their own carers and are a success in their own fields of appeavor. How many great men of all ages who suffered some form of disability but reached the pinnacle of their greatness and helped shape the lives of Governments and peoples? In the past, the disabled were even considered as forbidden to society or as sinful people, describing segregation from society.

Now that we have reached a certain standard of existence, so to speak, it is the moral responsibility of society to look for the special (social) needs of these people. All of us will go through this stage in our human existence – that is, being a disabled. If now you are physically fit, with no physical injury, time will come when you will grow old, and you'll need that special attention. Due to discoveries of new medicines and better method of health care, a great portion of the population of the world is growing older and older. You may be a part of it in the near future. So a great many will encounter difficulties if alleys and passes, buildings and structures, and means of transportation, public and private, are not suited to a disabled-friendly environment.

The disabled are not asking for special care, they just want some particular needs addressed in order for them to live as normally and conveniently as possible. Some of them are still young, many of them were born with a certain kind of injury. They have to work or go to the office, and live their lives normally like anyone else.

Society's government must be able to provide ramps in public and private buildings or structures, or a barrier-free environment where wheelchairs can go on and on without stairs; If there are upper floors, an elevator must be all ready. The blind or the visually-impaired must also have access to computers with Braille system. The deaf-mute need interpreters, or if not, their co-employees must be able to do sign language. Special children must be given adequate care and education. It is their right and our responsibility.

Sad to say, only those advanced countries can provide for these necessities, and those disabled who are living in poor countries have to stay at home, and have to bear with the many obstacles living in a hostile environment.

Governments and societies need a change of attitude. Laws do not make men. People make those laws for the advancement of peoples and their welfare. Why can not they enforce those laws to the letter? It's because they really do not intend to do so. They just have to love the handicapped like they are members of their family, encourage and motivate them, and lend a little helping hand. That will be the just and humane society that we have all been aspiring for.