There are many treatments on the market for adults and children with hyperactivity. There is a major trend among parents to try and treat their children naturally. It is a popular belief that diet can help people with hyperactive strains without using drugs that cause massive side effects. For example: small portions of caffeine seem to have a calming effect instead of the reverse and sugar should be kept at a minimum.


It is suggested that a high-protein diet can help improve concentration. Protein is found in all kinds of foods including meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and beans. If you have these primarily in the morning, it will help get through the tasks of school or work much easier.


Do not eat sugar close to bedtime but instead, plenty of complex carbohydrates. Vegetables and some fruits contain these. If the individual were to eat oranges, apples, pears or a grapefruit at bedtime instead of ice cream or some other sweet treat, they will feel more relaxed and will be able to get a better nights sleep. Getting a little exercise a couple of hours before bedtime is very beneficial for a good nights rest also. Taking a walk around the block or a short jog is good for you in many other ways also.


You can minimize some of the hyperactivity by completely (or as as much as possible) eliminating foods and drinks that contain food colorings and preservatives. Specifically red and yellow dyes. You can also reduce hyperactive tendencies by eating few simple carbohydrates which would include sugar, candy, corn syrup, honey, potatoes and white rice. Eating more Omega-3 fatty acids seems to help also. This food group would include tuna, salmon, walnuts, Brazil nuts, olive oil and canola oil.


While controlling the diet is very successful, it does not happen overnight. It is also not as hard as one might think to control the diet and eliminate negative products and food. Once you learn which ones contain the dyes and excess sugar, it's a snap to go to the grocery store and shop. If you take away the sweets and keep lots of fruit and vegetables, children especially, will adapt and before you know it, they are requesting the fruits and vegetables as a snack instead of harmful things such as candy. Cereals without the dyes are easy to find and delicious to eat! Cheerios, Corn Flakes, etc. are much more healthy for not only children but also adults.