The Quest for True Value

There must be many thousands of people out there, who, like me are in search of legitimate opportunities to work from home. Not because we are too lazy to get up early for work, or because we are greedy or opportunistic, but simply because we are compelled by our unique personal circumstances to work at home, and more specifically, to do something that is internet based.

The More Vulnerable

Who are these people who have a very limited choice about their work environment and the type of work they are capable of doing? Perhaps it is a single mother with a special needs child; despite a middle-aged man who was retrenched from his job and is unsuccessful in finding alternative employment due to the specialized nature of his qualifications and experience. Or sometimes it is someone, like me, who is betrayed with a disability at a later stage in his life. A disability preventing him from practicing his profession any further. A person who dreams were shattered when he was at the pinnacle of his career. A person forced to go on disability retirement prematurely without the financial security to afford retirement. That is me and I'm convinced I'm not alone. At the age of 48 I unexpectedly and abruptly suffered a loss of hearing with such rapid progress that at 50 I had less than 30% hearing left. I am a highly qualified social services professional and my entire career had been all about working with people for people. Not the type of work you can do when you can not communicate verbally.

The Potential behind the Disability

I like my computer, though, and I am fascinated by the potential and power of electronic information and the internet as an information source and marketing tool. Moreover, I have the ability to string a few good sentences together and enjoy it to put pen to paper, or fingertips to the keyboard, for that matter. Here is my venture into a search for a work and income generating opportunity which is internet marketing related.

The Disgrace of Internet Scams

I have spent days on the internet searching for something legitimate, but have been mainly dismayed at what is being flaunted as instant roads to riches schemes, requiring you to subscribe and pay without knowing what you will be marketing or what the strategy would entail. Once you've subscribed (yes, I have been conned out of desperation to find something real), you discover that it is nothing less than a groundless pyramid scheme with no substance whatever. Shame on the fraudulent inventors and perpetrators of these scams! The fact that I have been exploited and conned is of little relevance, what is of more concern to me is that there must be many vulnerable others whose situation is more desperate that mine who have been abused and defrauded by these con men and women. As much as I stand for freedom of speech and the liberty that the Internet provides, as much do I believe that the lack of control over internet fraudsters erodes the moral fiber of the online community and stains the enlightenment of the age of information technology.

The Good News: Legitimate Opportunities are Available

At this point I need to caution, however. My tirade must not be construed as a blanket condemnation of all internet advertised work at home programs. This article should rather be interpreted as a call to caution, especially for those who are in a similar situation to me and are there before sometime more vulnerable than those who have broader career options.

There are indeed some highly legitimate work at home programs offered on the internet.

Opportunities through which you can strengthen your knowledge and skills and use it in internet marketing with the potential to produce significant income. They are often of an affiliate marketing nature, which means you become an affiliate of a company to market that company's products or services via the internet. These good companies not only provide you with all the information you need to market their product, but they also share the knowledge, skills and tools to embark on an effective internet marketing campaign. One site that I can highly recommend identifies and describes a limited number of real and legitimate work at home opportunities.