Too often children have developmental disabilities that make it difficult for them to achieve the desired results in their school work. Often, such developmental disabilities are not known right away and they show up in their report cards and grades. Of course there are ways to overcome these things.

If you or your child has dyslexia – well do not worry about the Dyslexia, Richard Branson has Dyslexia, and he is a Billionaire many times over; You see, there are even reports that show Dyslexics have an average of 15% higher IQ than the average person. Who knows you or your child may even be higher?

Now, if you have trouble reading, that's okay, because .pdf documents on the internet have a feature that reads aloud to you. When I was younger, I had a lazy eye. I was not too good at reading, it actually was quite a problem back then, it put me to sleep – later corrected with glasses. Whereas, Dyslexia is not correctable, but over time you can learn to compensate for it.

For those who tell me they have Dyslexia or a slight developmental disability, well I say so what? So you have to work harder than anyone else. Do you think Tiger Woods would not be winning if he automatically had to shoot 2 shots less each game to win? Heck no – he'd still win, you know why? Because that's what winners do!

So, when I hear someone discussing their developmental disability and tell me it is a gift, I say; “you are correct, it is a gift, go with it!” It means you are unique, that is a huge blessing, you are one of the lucky ones! Think on That.