Pesticides are poisons and they are affecting our brains. Just how prevalent is this phenomenon and what are they doing to our gray matter? Perhaps natural pest control is a very good idea to consider.

In the United States during the year 2011, 140 billion pounds of pesticides were used on agricultural crops. That is not a misprint – 140 billion pounds.

These were approximately 60% herbicides, 20% insecticides, 10% fungicides and 10% 'other'. So 140 billion pounds of poisons were used on our crops which have been or will be eaten by humans or fed to the animals that are raised for human consumption.

This represents more than 450 pounds of pesticides per person in the United States in 2011 alone. If that is a consistent number, then a 10 year old child has had more than two tons of pesticides used on his or her food supply in just one short decade of life.

So what does this mean? Pesticides are poisons that intentionally kill the offending pests wherever they are weeds or bugs. The mode of action varies, but many are systemic, meaning the poisons are incorporated into the entire offending organism down to the individual cells. Then we as people eat the crops and now those offending poisons are becoming part of us – also down to the individual cells.

As for insecticides, they are neuro-toxins which affect the bugs' nervous system, otherwise known as the brain. The levels used are supposedly strong enough to kill the pests yet weak enough to not harm humans. But if these synthetic poisons are making their way into individual cells of crops and then humans eat the crops, then that means these same poisons are now firmly entrenched in the humans who just ate them. Yep – insecticides make their way up the food chain and stop in the brains of humans.

And we wonder why there has been an increase in ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's and Learning Disabilities. These are all health issues that affect the brain and would not a neuro-toxin sure be a good way to mess with a brain? Some so-called 'experts' claim the increases are due to an increase in the population or better diagnostics but across the board, that can not be substantiated.

There are numerous studies confirming that pesticides cause health issues. Disease, illness, developmental delays and learning disabilities are all linked to these synthetic poisons. And to think that more than 450 pounds of these toxins were used on your behalf in 2011 alone is a very scary thought.