Many parents are happiest when they see their child for the first time right after its birth. No other moment is more scared than this. However, while some parents rejoice at the birth of their child other parents are crest fallen and dejected because their newborn child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The question why does only my baby have cerebral palsy is in the minds of these affected parents. There is only one simple answer, which every physician gives to these exotic parents. Your child has brain damage!

Parents will then ask the next question to their doctor and that is “Why does my baby have brain damage in the first place?” Well the simple answer to both these questions would be children could get brain damage due to many causes and reasons. However, the main cause of cerebral palsy would be damage to the brain.

The brain consists of numerous tiny cells, which perform a number of actions. The brain is the smartest computer on earth and no other computer which is man made can compete with this tiny soft tissue of hundreds of cells. The brain is the authority, which gives commands to different parts of the body to perform different actions. When the part of the brain, which is in control of the muscles in the limbs, is damaged then the child develops cerebral palsy. There fore the main cause of cerebral palsy is damage to the brain. Injury to parts of the baby's brain while it is still in the womb, while being delivered, or just after birth can lead to cerebral palsy in the child.

The tissues and cells in the brain of an infant before and after it is born is very delicate. The brain needs oxygen to survive and develop. If it is denied the oxygen, it needs then the cells can die a natural death leading to cerebral palsy in the child. This can happen when the umbilical cord connecting the unborn baby and mother becomes coiled around the baby's neck causing an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain of the infant. Some babies fail to get the desired volume of oxygen due to their mother's high blood pressure. This also can cause cerebral palsy by damaging certain cells in the brain.

Medical mistakes are also another major cause for cerebral palsy in babies and children. This usually happens during and after birth. Moms to be should also abstain from alcoholic drinks, drugs and any other illegal medicines that can lead to lack of brain development in the unborn child in the womb. These are some of the major causes of cerebral palsy in children. While most parents find it difficult to find out what exactly caused cerebral palsy in their children, researchers are trying their best to determine exact causes too. Researchers have found that birth trauma could have been a major cause of thousands of children suffering from cerebral palsy. This has led to more research so that exact causes of cerebral palsy can be determined.