As a new parent, now you have many responsibilities to monitor the growth of your baby. Learning every aspect of child development is a good effort to know how your baby grows. Beside, you should also pay attention to abnormality that may happen to your loved one. There are many abnormalities that can happen to a baby; one of them is torticollis. Torticollis is also known as wry neck; This is a condition when your baby's head is tilted to one side. If you find that your baby has difficulty to move his head round, you should be wary as he may suffer from wry neck.

How can you know that your baby develops torticollis? To help you know if your baby is suffering from this abnormality, the following conditions usually happen:

1. Your baby will tilt his head in one direction frequently. In young infants, this activity is difficult to see.
2. When breastfeeding, he usually prefers only on one breast.
3. Your baby commonly makes a difficult effort to turn towards you and get frustrated when he can not do it correctly.

Try to monitor your baby if he behaves like the conditions above. This is because babies with torticollis act just like the other healthy babies. Watch his growth carefully so that you will know earlier if your baby suffers from this abnormality.

What are the causes of torticollis? There are some factors that can cause this abnormality. First, it can be caused by the shortening of sternocleidomastoid muscle. The muscle gets shorter because your baby's head is tilted to one side in the uterus. This muscle plays an important role in facilitating head movement so your baby may have difficulty in moving his head when this muscle is affected. Torticollis can also be inherited but this is a rare case.

Torticollis is actually a common condition in newborns. However, your baby desires to get early treatment so that he can grow just like the other babies. Treating baby with torticollis can be performed easily at home. Gentle neck rotation is an exercise that you can perform to reduce the abnormality. To perform this exercise correctly, you can learn it from a physiotherapist. Another exercise that you can perform is by offering a bottle in a direction that makes your baby turn his head. Using toys with sounds to make him turn to another direction is also a good exercise to do. Make sure that you always consult with your physiotherapist to get proper care tips for baby with wry neck.